Google Updates in 2017

Every year Google change the Google algorithm from 500-600 time, the most of changes is very minor. Google occasionally change out the “major update” (Like Panda or Penguin) that affect the sites search ranking.

If you are in the field of the SEO then you must know about the Google updates.

So what are the 2017 Google Updates?

Unnamed Major Update — February 6, 2017

Algorithm shifts beginning on February 1st continued for a complete week, peaking around February 6th (some reported the 7th). Webmaster and industry case studies imply these were separate occasions.

Unnamed Major Update — February 1, 2017

There was an amount of hefty algorithm flux peaking around February 6th and beginning around February 1st. It’s uncertain whether this was one upgrade using an extended roll-out or multiple algorithm upgrades, but anecdotal evidence indicates at least two upgrades.

Intrusive Interstitial Penalty — January 10, 2017

Google began rolling out a punishment to penalize competitive interstitials and pop ups that might damage the cellular user experience. Google additionally supplied a rare caution of the upgrade five months ahead of time. High temperatures were shown by MozCast from January 10-11, but minimal effect was reported by many SEOs on websites that must happen to be changed.



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