How To Find The High DA/PA Web 2.0 Blogs

Today i am going to learn you about “How To Find The High DA/PA Web 2.0 Blogs”

What you will learn from this tutorial?

  1. How to find Web 2.0?
  2. How to check the metrics of that Web 2.0?
  3. How to register it?

First of all you need a Chrome browser, you can download it from here.

When you install the chrome browser in your system.

Go to the setting of the chrome > extensions > get more extensions > in tool bar write “mozbar” and install it. (What is mozbar ?) I will discuss it later in my post. Or you can just simple click on this link and install it in your chrome. But remember when you click on the download button you sure you are using chrome browser.

Now, the things are setting up and you are getting it now how it will work? Don’t worry if you have any problem you can just comment about it below and i will try my best to help you.

Now come to the topic, You have Chrome and mozbar.

Now, in your chrome go to the and just type the ( “this blog does not exist” ) without brackets.

What is the ampedpages? allow you to create the free websites and blogs. You need to pay for a site. You can also use it to create the Web 2.0 PBN.


Now, you see the pages that have “this blog does not exist” appears there, and down you can see the mozbar the best of this tutorial. You can check the DA/PA metrics there.

What is DA/PA?

DA stands for the Domain Authority, a metrics check by the PA stands for the Page Authority.

But you see there is same DA on all the site? You know why? Because there is only domain that is, so the DA is same, but here you consider the PA because PA show the authority of the sub domain so if this is high then its mean it’s good sign for us.

Well, i hope you got my point now the next part is to register them. This is very easiest part in this tutorial just go to Sign Up.

Note: May be when you read this tutorial many people use this method so there is less chance you will get good one but you put your effort in it and you will surely get some Web 2.0.

Hope you like this tutorial, all i need is your feedback on this. Just leave a comment below.

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